Co-Curricular Activities at the College

Participation in co-curricular activities develops the confidence and personality and positively affects the health. The administration and faculty encourage the students to take part in such activities in the college.

Dars e Quran Society

Dars e Quran society is chaired by Mr. Ghulam Mustafa and strives to make students familiar with teachings of the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The society also organizes various events and competitions of "husn e qirat", "husn e naat" and quizzes at different occasions.

Halqa e Arbab e Zoaq

This society was established to highlight the importance of our national language among the students. Mr. Khalid Mubeen is the chairman of this society. The society organizes various exciting events like "mushaira", "bait bazi", as well as competitions of Urdu drama and prose writing.

Rafiquean Renaissance Literary Society

Rafiquean Renaissance literary society is chaired by Mr. Feroz Bukhari and gives the students an opportunity to pursue their love of English literature and the language itself beyond classroom. The society organizes a many events like oration competitions, quizzes and dramas for the pleasure of English lovers.

Rafiquean Science Society

Rafiquean science society is headed by Mr. Muhammad Bilal. The objective of this society is to engage students in various scientific activities in order to promote scientific thinking by broadening their outlook. The society utilizes various means to achieve this goal. It organizes trips to museums and botanical and zoological gardens, science fairs and exhibitions, blood donation and tree planting campaigns and public awareness drives.

Book Bank

A Book Bank was established under the supervision of Mr. Aurangzeb Rana in the college in 2013 to provide text as well as helping books to the needy and poor students. Some publishers, college teachers, students as well as their parents provide books for this purpose. Every deserving student of the college can avail this opportunity.

Computer Club

The goal of computer club is to extend the knowledge and appreciation of computers and information technology among students. For this purpose, the society organizes computer gaming and programming competitions and different training sessions for students and general public.

Nazariya e Pakistan Society

Nazariya e Pakistan society is a platform for students to learn and appreciate the ideological foundations of Pakistan as enunciated by our founding fathers. The society was established in collaboration with Nazariya e Pakistan Trust and organizes trips to historical places, quizzes and debates. The society also organizes functions on days of national significance.

Sports Board

Sports are integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Besides their health benefits, sports help develop team spirit and sportsmanship among players. The college has two large playgrounds to conduct sports events. Besides annual sports, the sports board, headed by Mr. Shahid Imran, also organizes tournaments of Hockey, Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Table Tennis, and Athletics at different times.