Attendance & Examinations

Attendance, Leave and Fine Policy

All the rules and regulations of B.I.S.E, Lahore and University of the Punjab regarding attendance will be observed strictly by the college administration. Punctuality and regularity are considered of supreme importance and cooperation of parents is solicited in this regard. The following rules shall be observed strictly:

  • According to rules and regulations of B.I.S.E, Lahore only those students are eligible for appearing in the Intermediate Examinations who have attended at least 66% of the lectures delivered during the session.
  • All applications of leave should be submitted on a prescribed leave slip available from the college office. Leave does not cover shortage of lectures, but only saves from absence fine.
  • Student absent without leave or being absent from a class will be fined according to rules and regulations prescribed by the Department of Education.
  • Application for Medical Leave extending over a period of three days must be submitted by Father / Guardian himself, otherwise it will be rejected. Leave application for more than 3 days must be accompanied by medical certificate of the M.S. of a Government hospital.
  • Consecutive ten days absence of a student from college without any information will render him struck off from the college roll.
  • Request for readmission should be made within 10 days of the issuance of SOR notification.
  • Readmission is subject to satisfaction and approval of all the concerned teachers and can be granted only after the payment of re-admission fee and fine.
  • In case of frequently irregularity after first readmission the student will be specially fined according to the decision of the College Council. No readmission is allowed if a student is struck off the college roll for the 2nd time during his academic session.
  • Students who remain absent from the college examinations will be fined by the Controller of Examinations.


There is a regular system of examinations and Monthly Tests during the whole academic session. It is compulsory for every student to appear in all such exams and monthly tests conducted in the college. All such examinations and monthly tests help the teachers as well as the college administration to judge the academic performance of the students. Heavy fines will be imposed on students remaining absent from examinations.

  • No leave can be granted for absence from college exams. Only Medical leave is acceptable according to prescribed rules.
  • Admission to Board/University will be withheld if a student fails to show satisfactory results in “send up” exams.
  • It is necessary for 3rd year students to appear and pass all the major subjects in the Promotion Test otherwise; they can be dropped from the college roll.
  • The student can be fined or expelled from the college if he is found using unfair means during the examination.